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Mr. McMullen’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision have been instrumental throughout his four decades in media, entertainment and technology.


John met his calling before he was a teenager with an early interest in radio and television by family in the broadcast industry. Launching a closed circuit television station at his junior high school, and later spear-heading a project to start a vocational FM radio station at his high school, McMullen was working at his first major market commercial radio jobs by the age of 15, and in 1981, along with his mentor and friend Michael O’Shea, he flipped the switch signing on KUBE FM (then-KBLE “the New 93FM”) in Seattle. A year later, he launched a 40-affiliate regional radio syndication company, the Northwest Radio Network, serving the tri-state region of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and covered collegiate and professional sports in the Seattle area.


Since those early days, McMullen honed his skills in spoken word media as a reporter, anchor, talk show host, program director and general manager with radio stations and nationwide media companies in the United States. He also took a digital detour in the early-1990s, working in product development and later marketing with Seattle-based Aldus

Corporation, on the PageMaker team, later joining RealNetworks (then-Progressive Networks) where he helped create a broad early-adoption of the RealAudio and RealVideo streaming platforms. In 1997, McMullen formed Stellar Networks, Inc., as the first national digital radio station platform to target specific niche markets (LGBT, Women, Teens, etc.). The company was a trailblazer in the arena of reaching global audiences exceeding two million unique listeners through streaming news, talk and entertainment programming.


In 2002, John’s success with building Stellar Networks and its flagship GAYBC Radio and follow-on Athena Radio channels led to his being recruited by Sirius Satellite Radio to serve as its first Director of Talk & Entertainment Programming, as well as the company’s first Sirius-original talk show host. Initially in New York City, and later in Los Angeles, McMullen was instrumental in building many of the satcaster’s successful talk programming content, as well as leading the company’s coverage of high profile events ranging from major awards shows to the national political conventions.


In 2007, McMullen returned to local radio. As Director of News, Talk & Sports Programming at Desert Radio Group in Palm Springs, he took on the  challenge of transforming a largely-syndicated talk

 station into a local content powerhouse despite limited financial resources and dramatically improved the station’s ratings and revenue performance in the midst of a severe economic downturn.


Working with mentor and world-renowned spoken word media expert David G. Hall, McMullen joined Hall’s global consultancy in 2012 as an associate and worked with programmers and show talent across the United States to help improve performance. In late-2013, John took the programming reigns of Alpha Media’s WMBD AM & FM, and enjoyed best-in-market ratings performance during his year with the stations before returning to the Southern California desert in late 2014 to have and recover from a major back surgery. McMullen went on to create a news/talk program with Hall for a national network, and oversaw all facet of operations and production for that program for two years before launching a multi-media production and streaming radio company in Palm Springs called iHub Radio in 2017. John serves as the company’s President and chief content officer, working with more than twenty hosts on a variety of daily and weekly spoken word live streaming and on-demand podcast programs.


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